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The mental and physical prepping for this day was a little uneven.  Not that her dad has a lot of baking equipment, but a trip to Target and that is pretty much taken care of.  Like meeting her birth mom, there was a number of waffling moments in which she considered just backing out at the last minute.  Really it won't be the hardest thing she has ever done, but it felt a little like putting herself in harms way.  Like stepping out in front of a train or a truck with the thought that at the last minute the traveling force would somehow swerve and miss her.

There was almost a feeling as if jealousy wouldn't be the issue but doing or saying something stupid would be.  After their vacation in Virginia, Salome found herself a bit more confident in their relationship.  She was his, and he was hers, there would ever be a way for that to change.  You can't change blood, DNA, what they had.

Not to mention it all going down on a Saturday when all she would rather do is lay about and be lazy, spending a majority of the day in her pajamas.

Not that she isn't in her pajamas now, sprawled out on the couch with head phones in.  Waiting.
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