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"It's either you or a foster home, Child Welfare will have to come and pick her up or you can drop her off at the downtown office."  Out of the deck sized pack of cards she peels off one and hands it off to the man protesting the saddling of some dirty faced street urchin that was suddenly his.

"You don't seem to understand, this isn't my child, what kind of untrained, shit for brains government employee leaves a child with a strange man?  I'm not taking her anywhere, you're taking her now."

He is scary.

Standing a million feet tall, bare feet, black denim and messy hands with a cigarette smoldering somewhere up in the atmosphere around his head; she is too scared to look that far up.  It looks like blood.  

He is going to eat her, and Bear!

No, she won't let him eat Bear.

"You're her father, your the name on the birth certificate.  If you want to be a dead beat dad then you have to take some time out of your oh so busy work day to do so."  And the social worker steps off the step and puts the small bag of things that belong to Sally and starts towards her car.  More care and deliberation has been used by UPS drivers delivering bags of sand.  

Sally didn't like her at all.  Not even a little bit.  Bear hated her too, but that's not really saying much, Bear hates most people.

But now she is alone.  Really alone.  With a strange man that she can't look at because she is too scared to.  Instead she sort of clings to Bear and goes very quiet and still because maybe if she does so he won't see her and go inside and leave her alone.

She misses her mama.

She wasn't always nice and a lot of the time she was sick but sometimes they went on adventures!  And they sang along in the car to all the songs on the radio and even when there wasn't a radio mama could sing and it sounded nice.  And now she is gone and all she has is Bear and she is pretty sure that she wants to cry really, really bad.

He sighs and looks up from the stapled package of papers, So You Went and Knocked up a Whore.  With supplementary reading from: Your Orphan and You

He doesn't like her, she already knows it, she knows things like that mainly because no one seems to like her.  Even mama didn't sometimes.

"You," and she sort of cringes, waiting for it, for his blood stained claws to lash out and grab her and suck her into the dark and horrible house.

"You've got two hands, take yourself and your bag into the house.  Don't touch a thing, not until you've been properly deloused.  You're not staying so don't make yourself at home."  It's a pretty fancy place, though Sally doesn't see the point of living in something that doesn't have wheels.  How do you go somewhere new when you want to move?  Though she saw a great big house on the back of a truck once, she watched it for miles and was pretty sure that it was going to fall off but it never did.

She keeps her riveting story to herself, she figures that he doesn't want to hear her story and she figures correctly.

Sally does as she is told and takes her bag into the house and doesn't touch a thing.  It's such a huge house, everything looks so big and clean, she hasn't been in a place like this before and she is about to step foot outside the little entrance foyer when his voice comes down again.

"Stop, remove your shoes, you're not dragging your dirt in with you."

So she sits down and removes her little worn sneakers and lines them up with all the other shoes next to the door.  


What did that lady leave her with!?  Was she insane, he's HUGE and he's going to eat her.  Maybe she should make a run for it, find a place to hide away in the house, there are probably lots of good places to hide and she is really good at hiding.  Though maybe, if she is good he won't eat her and maybe he'll just drop her off somewhere and she won't see him again.

"Are you my dad?" It's sort of a weird whisper because it came out and she tried to stop it while it was out and found that she couldn't and there it is, out there, and he is going to eat her now.  Maybe he didn't hear it, his head is way above hers and it was a quiet noise.  She wishes she could take it back, people don't like it when she asks questions, or talks or makes a pest of herself and that's what she is doing here, she knows, and he is going to yell at her or worse.  There is little worse then yelling though.

He doesn't yell though and that's surprising.

"No, this is just an unfortunate mix up, we'll get it all sorted in the morning, don't you worry.  Well, maybe afternoon."  He explains simply in an easy voice, if her day doesn't start after eleven in the morning then his day does.  He makes a motion with one of his large hands and she scoops up her bag and Bear and follows him into the living room and when he points on the carpet she sits like a rather obedient dog.  There might be a smile, just an absolute whisper of one and it is easy enough to make it disappear.  

"Watch TV and don't go anywhere," he flicks on the TV and there just so happens to be cartoons on, look at that!  He didn't even need to give the second command.  She's a neglected, trailer trash little kid who has only seen TVs in truck stops and sports bars.  Sally is utterly hypnotized, mismatched eyes big and wide as she eagerly gives her brain over to the rotting affects of the magical picture box.  Bear on her lap so he can see, she sort of sways to the theme music and tunes the rest of the world out.

So enthralled by the TV that she doesn't listen in to the phone conversations that are going on in the kitchen or look over when there is a knock at the front door.  The hysterical witch cackle that fills the house does drag her attention from the TV only because it is annoying and Sally can't hear the voices over it.  The cackles gets dragged into the kitchen so the noise is muted a little bit which helps but it only gets louder again when the party comes back into the living room.  For the first time in what seems like forever there is someone making eye contact with her, and Sally startles and curls up around bear to hide her eyes.

Ah if only she knew how prudent it was to avoid Medusa's gaze.

"Now, come, come, little one, say hello to your Auntie Susan. . ." Which seems to be the funniest thing this woman has ever said because she starts laughing again before she is yanked away by the arm.

"At least she has sense enough to be frightened of witches," the giant man growls.





They ARE monsters!  They are going to eat her or put her in a stew or something, just like in those stories!  Witches LOVE little kids, or do they hate them and just LOVE to use them to make potions and stuff?

Oh, cartoons are back on.

It must not be too scary, the witch and the giant in the next room, or maybe they are using magic on her, because no matter how hard she tries she can't keep her eyes open.  One minute she is watching some brightly colored TV show and the next she is laying down in her spot, Bear tucked tightly in her arms.

And there she stayed, till late, till it was dark and someone in their passing through laid a blanket on top of her and Bear so they wouldn't get too cold sleeping on the living room floor.  Sally sleeps until her stomach wakes her and she has to pee as well.  He told her not to move but she really has to go and she doesn't want to go on the carpet because he probably wouldn't like that.  Really wouldn't like that.  So she creeps with the blanket around her to the various doors on the ground floor, inching them  open quietly and checking inside, when she finds the bathroom she breathes a quiet sigh of relief.  


She washes up in the bathroom, as best she can, with hand soap up to her elbows and then behind her ears because that's what they say, that you have to wash behind your ears.  And there is water all over the sink and over her shirt and she needs to probably clean that up and WHY ARE THERE NO FUCKING TOWELS?  Well there's one but it's kind of dinky and so she uses the toilet paper because that's what you used to wipe with, AMIRIGHT?


Richard is going to think his bathroom is haunted by a little ghost who just constantly flushes the toilet.  No one ever thinks that's a loud thing, but for a bachelor who lives a lone, it's a loud thing, and on the third flush when she finally has herself and the sink (sort of) clean the door flies ope and Sally gives the most dramatic gasp one little lady ever did gasp in a bathroom - and then immediately crouches down into a little ball under the blanket.

"What are you doing?!  I thought I told you to sit and not to move."  It is acceptable to touch strange orphans with a blanket between himself and it and it doesn't take much effort to scoop up the trembling child in the blanket and to haul her out of the bathroom.  He inspects the the bathroom over some wiggling and meek little protests.  It smells suspiciously like soap which is an acceptable thing for a bathroom to smell like.

"Don't eat me, please don't hurt me!"  She sounds even smaller from inside the blanket sack he is now carrying her around in.

He scoffs, this child was clearly crazy, too much time in front of the TV.  "My dear child I have no intentions of eating you, you're much too small.  I would be hungry an hour later at the most."

He has a point.

"Don't eat Bear!"  Someone is gonna get ATE she just knows it.

"I am not vaccinated against half the things that fur ball is carrying.  I should send him to the CDC for testing."

Oh that shuts her up, because she doesn't know what the Cee-Dee-Cee is but she bets it's AWFUL and that they would do awful things to Bear.  She is going to cry, this time for real tears because that's fighting below the belt.  That's Bear, you don't fuck around when it comes to Bear, that just ain't right.

Richard sits her in a kitchen chair and pulls the blankets back from her head, he thought he heard sniffles, and the suspicious scent of concentrated dial soap.  "Now, don't, do that, you're going to get all snotty."  And she tries to stop, really she she sucks her bottom lip so far into her mouth she looks like she is trying to eat her chin.  When he hands her a tissue she slams it against her face and hides the whole mess against Bear.

That's why Bear is the best, it's probably also why he should be sent to the CDC.

"You're being hysterical no one is going to take your Bear."  He better not be fucking with her, he better not because she will get all kinds of real up in this bitch if he is fucking with her.

"I used to have a stuffed animal like Bear, except he was a wolf," there, child, allow me to relate to you on a stuffed animal level.

"Did you send it to the CDC?"  What is that?! Is that even a thing?!  That's not even a thing.

"No, he's upstairs somewhere I think."  He motions in a general way as he rummages around the cupboards to find something to eat.  She is a little disappointed to see that his cupboards resemble the one's in her mama's trailer.  People in houses are supposed to have food goddamnit.  What else are they good for?

"I suppose you're hungry," and she nods quickly because she is so, so very hungry.  And when he takes out the bread and the peanut butter and the jelly she practically salivates like a rabid wolf, her eyes go all crazy like and she kneels on the chair to watch him make it.  It's like watching magic, delicious, delicious magic and every step is another piece of epic awesomeness that needs to be in her mouth.

Ever see a starving dog waiting for someone to open a can of dog food?  Sally is the little girl version of that.  The amount of self control keeping her in her seat and not jumping up and down around him for the sandwich is astronomical.  Like an ant lifting twenty times it's body weight.  Except with self control.

It takes Richard roughly a minute and a half to make the sandwich and it takes Salome maybe two minutes to eat it all.  And then there is a break to take down some water because he does the peanut butter part right.  Then she wants another one.  It's like when you give a mouse a cookie and then all of a sudden you're missing a kidney, balls deep in a hooker's ass, and ruling a small Pacific island nation.

Except with peanut butter and jelly and potato chips.  And the second time around she has more control then the first and she fixes her sandwich up with chips on the inside.  MIND BLOWN.

She is drunk on peanut butter and jelly mystery.

There isn't even any resisting when he wipes her hands and face down with a wet paper towel, she just kind of sits there, tummy comically swelled like she just ate a bowling ball, mismatched eyes glazed over.  When he motions her to move she sort of groans out of the chair and takes herself and Bear back to the living room with the blanket.  She sits down in her spot on the carpet and pulls the blanket up around her to let the TV lull her to sleep, satisfied.


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