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    My friend Mark enjoys taking pictures and is studying photography this semester.  He decided to take a series of me for his final project.  I managed to snag one, the best one in my opinion though he is amazing with a camera, I have camera envy.  Can I just mention right now that I already have a fucking father and I don't need another god damned one? 

Yeah, so you think I drink too much or I'm too skinny?  Fuck off.  Anyway, pic below the cut.

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    Hirooooooooooooooooooo!  It's a full moon out tonight!  Will you show me the rabbit on the moon?!
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       I had a nightmare about surgery last night.  People would be taken off the streets and locked up so that regular, bored people could preform surgery along with doctors.  Sometimes.  It was horrible, they didn't do it right and there were tubes sticking out of people and blood everywhere.

I hate dreams, I went without them for so long, probably because I passed out more then I actually slept.  Now I can't sleep normally.

The worst part is that I could feel it.  I could being strapped down and cut open and they wouldn't stop, no matter how much I screamed.
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       tu mia luna tu sei qui con me
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    Do you think Juliet would have liked Romeo as much as she did if he wasn't her family's enemy?

On a similar note, I think Romeo and Juliet is over played, and I truly hate that stupid play.  This may or may not have something to do with my test I have on in in English next tuesday.
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        Salome goes for a walk after dinner, her hands in her coat pockets, her breath puffing out in front of her as her boots crunch on the frozen, icy ground.  She doesn't know where she's going, but a walk seems like a good idea, all the noise of the house and the commotion of the holidays has stirred up too many thoughts and unanswered questions. 

It seems like winter does that, the nights are longer and the days are shorter.  More night leaves more time to think, and laying in bed in the darkness it's easy to question everything with no satisfactory conclusions.  So she walks at night, and kicks dead, wet leaves out of her way before stopping at the every edge of the property.  That slight incline that allows her to look down at the fields and houses below her.  Everything is still, everything is calm.

People move about in their houses, lights flicker in windows and spill out on to the black ground.  Bright eyes looking out on to the wide, empty night.  In the cold she remembers stories about the cold, the little match girl, and Gretchen who claws through the snow with her child that Faust has denied.  Only to lay the child at the foot of a statue she believes, in her delirium to be an angel.  Salvation.

Salome believes in salvation, she believes in redemption, but it seems - especially at moments like this, that it's for everyone but herself.  There needs to be some sort of guidance, some sort of path that should be visible in these times of darkness.  There should be something there. 

    "Where are you?"  She speaks to no one but expects an answer.  In response, it begins to snow, and she knows that in a few minutes everything will be clean again.
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I will explain my love / hate relationship with hospitals. I love the fact that despite a lot of things hospitals are full of life and with people helping others. I hate the fact that when you go to a hospital your worst qualities will be on display and you will have some creepy doctor touching you.

Sooooo, I broke down and went to my GP because well, apparently I am sick. The GP is one that my grandmother has been seeing for ages and ages. So I go and . . . nothing. No answers, only suggestions on what it COULD be and those aren't pretty. Cysts, inflamed appendix, etc. I piss in a cup and he tells me to go to the hospital to get an abdominal CT.

I do not like CTs. If you've ever had a CT you'll know that when they start spinning they smell like butt. BAD BUTT. I've talked to various technicians and doctors about this - and they can't explain why that happens. Not only do CTs smell like butt, but you have to suck down Barium and get contrasts.

Barium makes you glow, and contrast is iodine that makes you feel like you've wet yourself all over the darn machine. They flavor the Barium with this mixed berry crap, and . . . uhhhh bad news bears.

Bottom line? I just got home and besides getting some really good shots of dilaudid (Pro tip: No more morphine, morphine is for wimps). Instructions to eat more, and had a whole bunch of potassium shoved down my throat. I walked away with a massive headache and a prescription for an anti-biotic for a . . . Urinary tract infection.

Now, I'm pretty sure I've had one of these bad boys before, and I have not had pain this bad before. But what do I know? My medical degree from the Medical school of Mexico hasn't come in yet.

Confucius say: Do not kill mosquito with cannon.

Salome says:  I have a cheeseburger and I am going to bed.
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    I am tired of life being an endurance in pain.  I can grin and bear it through a lot of things, but for once I would like a brief respite.  Just once, that's all I ask. 

So, I'll lay here and watch the minutes roll by and wait for the Vicodin to kick in.
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Your Spiritual Number is Five

You bring adventure and change to people's lives.

You are willing to challenge your friends and push them to grow.

Right now, your life is about figuring out where to direct your energy.

If you're not careful, you can become too unreliable or flighty. You need the perfect project.

You live a free form life - which allows you to be very innovative and a great problem solver.

Rules, schedules, and structure practically destroy you. You have to do things your own way.

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       Getting facebook notices from college clubs is depressing after you've graduated.  Just sayin'.

Greetings from the land of nod, I hope everyone had a fan-freaking-tastic Thanksgiving, and to all of you in Canada:  Better luck next year.

I would like to apologize for disappearing for a good chunk of September, October, and November.  It's been a rough couple of months for me, but thankfully I have had my head split open and they have taken out all the bad parts.  My labotomy, lobotomy was a complete and total success!  Hopefully I'll be around a bit more again (I can hear you gritting your teeth from HERE!)

Like before, Salome has two verses:

LA - Drinking, drugs, and art school
New York - Being a good mom and girlfriend, all while finishing high school.

If you would like to change something in one of these verses, or join one, or do the fox trot on a moon lit stage - just drop me a line or PM me.  I will do my best to get caught up, but I have come to find that the internet is a harsh, unforgiving mistress, and silence is one of the worst sins one can commit in these here parts. 

For that, I am willing to take my punishment and plead my case before the court. 

I leave you with this:  I'm bringin' bear suit back, Yeah!

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        I am sick and I would like to bash my head open with a rock so I can finally find that little tiny man with a pitch fork that runs around screaming all the time.


It is funny that a man with a farm implement will be my down fall.
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        There is something highly ironic about the bunch of under aged girls getting dressing up and going out for 80's night. Of course the whole thing is lost on the girls as they do shots of raspberry Smirnoff in their dorm room while getting ready to go out. Music turned up loud, the girls dance up against each other, shaking their hips and tossing their hair in time to the music. Only pausing once and awhile when one of the more sober ones remind the others that someone was going to catch them if they were too loud. Which only set the girls to giggling, and a round of over exaggerated 'Shhhhhhhhh's' which were lost under the music anyway.
Cut for sex, drugs, and pretentious art kids )

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I had a dream that I got voice mail messages from the dead.  I got one from Sherlock Holmes, Willie Mayes, and my Dad. 

Holmes reminded me to restock the morphine.
Mayes mentioned something about the big game.
Dad told me I was a disappointment.

I had another dream that I was smoking crack.  Which was - oddly relaxing - if not a little ghetto.  Collins don't smoke crack, we do cocaine like rich people are suppose to.
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       They dance in the living room.  He stands on her toes and she moves around holding his arms out to their sides.  Swaying back and forth she sings loudly to the Christmas music already coming through the radio speakers.  After Thanksgiving dinner, Grandpa is sprawled out on the couch while Grandma cleans up in the kitchen.  It is Salome and Jonba spending time together after finishing up trimming the fresh cut Christmas tree. 

Salome is out of school for Christmas break and has three weeks to just relax and spend time with her family and Hiro.  After the last semester, it ia a much needed break.  In fact there is a serious temptation to just forget school and run off to join the circus. 

Jonba cries out and she grabs the growing boy and hoists him on to her hip so she can hold on to him and move a bit easier through the room. His tiny arms wrap around her neck and she puts her hand to the back of his head - supporting his neck like she would when he was a baby.  Except that is years ago, and Jonba is slowly growing up into a young boy, and when she looks into his face she sees the same brown eyes as his father but none of the hatred and anger there.

That makes her arms tighten around him some more, as if the tighter she holds on to him the less effect his father can have on him.  As they move through the living room and she sprinkles tinsel on the top of his head she pushes thoughts of the past away from her, taking comfort in the heat of the room and the love in the house.

No more will sin and sorrow grow,
Nor thorns infest the ground;
He'll come and make the blessings flow
Far as the curse was found,
Far as the curse was found,
Far as, far as the curse was found.


Oct. 28th, 2008 08:48 am
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Leo July 23 - August 22

God will appear to you in a dream and tell you that loving you is the part of His job He hates the most.

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Go boom.

in leaves.

I reach peace.


-- The end.

I was told by my English teacher that my creative writing story was too far fetched and inappropriate for class.  I told her very respectfully to bite my ass.  No, I didn't, but I wanted to.  I would be justified.  What the heck am I paying these people for?  Boy when women finally get the right to vote are they going to be in trouble!!

I was roped into dressing up for Halloween.  I am not going as anything slutty.  I figure if you want to be a slut why stop at Halloween - do the decent thing and be one all year round.

No, seriously, I like sluts!  Good Lord my head is killing me.
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       I know why Oedipus gouged out his eyes.
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I’m home alone tonight.
Full moon illuminates my room, and sends my mind aflight.
I think I was dreaming up some thoughts that were seemingly
Possible...with you.
So I call you on the tin can phone.
We rendezvous at a quarter-two, and make sure we’re alone.
I may have found a way for you and I to finally fly free.
When we get there, we’re gonna go far away.
Making sure to laugh; while we experience anti-gravity.
For years, I kept to myself.
Now potentialities are bound, and sleeping under my shelf.
Simply choose your destination from the diamond canopy,
And we’ll be there.
So I call you on the tin can phone.
We rendezvous at a quarter-two, and make sure we’re alone.
I may have found the way for you and I to finally be free

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       If you are going to take something away from yourself, why bother with just one - why not take both?  It seems so harsh to take just one.  If you're deaf you spend your whole life wondering what laughter sounds like or what Carols sound like.  When your blind you miss out on sunsets and beautiful works of art that take your breath away.

So live in darkness.

It reminds me of Plato's cave, where people are chained to the cave and the shadows on the walls are their realty - they worship what is put in front of them and fear what's behind them.  In all reality what's in front of them, as we know is just an illusion and behind them is the real world and sunlight.  They made a world out of what they were given and what was around them, so I wonder what kind of world one would come up with if one was both blind and deaf.

In the end, I would rather take away my hearing then my sight, there are too many beautiful things in this world.

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        I would like to go one day without being asked for a little blue pill. Speaking of which, I can no longer listen to "Viva Las Vegas" without thinking of those stupid Viagra commercials. Thank you rampart consumerism and ED for ruining another great song.

Jonba keeps walking around with one of those small little pumpkins that you can buy in grocery stores. We picked it up this afternoon while we went shopping and now he won't put it down, at ALL. He ate dinner with it, and he took a BATH with it, and now he's sitting in bed with it, he has attachment issues. I really wonder where he got those from.

I got chocolate rice milk. This makes me happy, along with yogurt and fruit - everything else seems to make me blahhhhhhhhh.

Mid-terms are scary.


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