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Walk away from the sun, come slowly undone

I could bleed for a smile, i could cry for some fun

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Salome is a twenty-one year old girl** who splits her time between New York and Nassau in the Bahamas. At 5'7 she has blond hair, and mismatched brown and blue eyes. A surfer, she loves the water and the beach, detesting her time up in New York. She is very close to her father, and resents the time he spends with her half brother, John Baptiste (who is her son, but you don't know that). Her mother is institutionalized in a home in New York.

Salome is a very affectionate girl, often times displaying inappropriate behavior when it comes to physical contact. She really has no grasp of personal space and how that might upset a few people.

Salome's life up to 7/20/2017

Disclaimers and warnings: Mun and muse 18+This journal is for a fictional character, but a minor fictional character.

**For certain memes Salome will be age 16-18.

No one was harmed in the making of this journal, and I certainly don't own Kate Bosworth. This is just for fun, albeit twisted fun. This journal deals with ADULT content, and incest, if you can not handle that, even in a fictional sense, then, please, know that this journal will have triggering content within it. Icon picture made by arielo4ka

Contact: If you wish to leave a message in the LJ please leave one on this post. Or if you would like, send me a message through LJ, that works too.

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