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        “I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.”  The boast came in the middle of a lull in the conversation.  They were sitting around the outside swimming pool of the hotel they were staying at, eating ice cream.  It was a rather odd turn in the conversation, considering they had just been conversing, at length about the best ice cream flavor.  The conversation quickly deteriorated into their usual, “is NOT!” and “is SO” argument.  Which he won since he pulled out the infinity card, which she of course thought was cheating, ESPECIALLY after only one round of  ‘not’s’ and ‘so’s’.

     “I don’t believe you.”  Bobby calmly continued to eat his ice cream, unlike Salome who was trying to keep it from melting all over her hand.   There was just something odd about the Iceman eating ice cream.

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    Leaving the house never looked so appealing before.  Salome was tired and aching, and everyone was on edge from what happened the night before.  Not to mention the constant stream of phone calls and attempts at the press to get an interview or a photo.  She couldn't leave the state, especially with Jonba so going upstate with Bobby was a good, safe idea.

Picking up the blond boy from the floor, she grunted a little bit at his weight against her side and arms.  He grumbled a little bit, but she gave him a look before handing him his Elmo doll and took him back upstairs to her bed room.  Stepping inside she smiled at Hiro as the boy hid his face against her neck.

    "Don't be shy, it's Hiro, he's going to take us on a trip."
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Author's Note:  This takes place after THIS.  The bobby I am abusing is, [profile] isalsogreat, and I have permission so there! 

    She heard the bike before she actually saw the bike, so she was already out the door when the engine finally stopped.  A bag over her shoulder, she ran down the side walk, flip flops slapping on the hot cement.  He was just pulling off his helmet when she launched herself at him, it was only from years of training that he managed to catch her and not drop the helmet.  

    "Hiya, Kid.  Happy to see me?"  He grinned down at her, giving the blond a hug before setting her down on her feet.

    "You better believe it, Iceman!  Let's blow this pop stand!"  

Laughing, he shook his head and helped her with the helmet that she still grumbled about.  He informed her very simply that she could walk if she didn't want to wear it.  She argued that it would mess up her hair and he wouldn't crash anyway.  In the end she did wear the helmet but kept making faces at him the whole time he was adjusting the chin strap.

    "You'll thank me when you aren't smeared all over the pavement."  Bobby spoke but Salome just rolled her eyes.


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