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       If you are going to take something away from yourself, why bother with just one - why not take both?  It seems so harsh to take just one.  If you're deaf you spend your whole life wondering what laughter sounds like or what Carols sound like.  When your blind you miss out on sunsets and beautiful works of art that take your breath away.

So live in darkness.

It reminds me of Plato's cave, where people are chained to the cave and the shadows on the walls are their realty - they worship what is put in front of them and fear what's behind them.  In all reality what's in front of them, as we know is just an illusion and behind them is the real world and sunlight.  They made a world out of what they were given and what was around them, so I wonder what kind of world one would come up with if one was both blind and deaf.

In the end, I would rather take away my hearing then my sight, there are too many beautiful things in this world.

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1. How did you choose/create the muse you use?
        You know, no one has ever asked me this question and I suppose it's because the people who know More interview questions under here )


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