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    Do you think Juliet would have liked Romeo as much as she did if he wasn't her family's enemy?

On a similar note, I think Romeo and Juliet is over played, and I truly hate that stupid play.  This may or may not have something to do with my test I have on in in English next tuesday.
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        I would like to go one day without being asked for a little blue pill. Speaking of which, I can no longer listen to "Viva Las Vegas" without thinking of those stupid Viagra commercials. Thank you rampart consumerism and ED for ruining another great song.

Jonba keeps walking around with one of those small little pumpkins that you can buy in grocery stores. We picked it up this afternoon while we went shopping and now he won't put it down, at ALL. He ate dinner with it, and he took a BATH with it, and now he's sitting in bed with it, he has attachment issues. I really wonder where he got those from.

I got chocolate rice milk. This makes me happy, along with yogurt and fruit - everything else seems to make me blahhhhhhhhh.

Mid-terms are scary.

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Loud speaker announcement:

"I would just like to remind all students . . . "
    " . . . That smoking cystal meth is not permitted on school grounds.  Save it for home kids."

"Ah yes, the socially unacceptable way to do meth."
"As opposed to the socially acceptable way . . ."

"No, as far as I know there is no way to actually punch someone in the face with fire."
"Back to the drawing board."
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Did you know they sell KNIVES on the TV? Yeah and it's creepy too, like in someone's basement with heavy southern accents.

Jerry: "They're snorting coke off camera, that's the only way they can get through this. They actually use the knifes to cut the coke off camera."
"You can kill your ex-wife with this one!"

Oh they keep knocking the MASSIVE collections of knives . . . over.

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I am freezing.  It's like zero degrees in here.  I am a Salome-cicle!  I can't even wear a coat because I might hide a gun in it or something.  IDK TREACHERY IS A FOOT!
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  Salome's school is pretty much like every other school in the country, it has classes, groups of kids that hang out together, lunch and various school functions that everyone goes to in order to fit in.  The name of the game is blending in when it comes to high school.  Something she's learned the hard way and is never easy for her, because if she isn't getting in trouble, she's standing out because someone thinks they can inspire something inside her.  Must be the eyes.

By week two all the teachers know her name, except for the biology teacher who can not, for the life of him say it correctly.  She's tried over, and over, Sa-low-may.  It doesn't stick, so finally, friday afternoon she tells him:  "Just call me Sal."  Which seems to work for anyone who talks to her, or asks her a question.  Truth be told it's odd for anyone to call her by her first name anyway.  Life is tedious, homework dull, she falls asleep in math class pretending to focus on a problem.  It's not that math class is dull it's just that there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day, and who needs math anyway?


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