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       They dance in the living room.  He stands on her toes and she moves around holding his arms out to their sides.  Swaying back and forth she sings loudly to the Christmas music already coming through the radio speakers.  After Thanksgiving dinner, Grandpa is sprawled out on the couch while Grandma cleans up in the kitchen.  It is Salome and Jonba spending time together after finishing up trimming the fresh cut Christmas tree. 

Salome is out of school for Christmas break and has three weeks to just relax and spend time with her family and Hiro.  After the last semester, it ia a much needed break.  In fact there is a serious temptation to just forget school and run off to join the circus. 

Jonba cries out and she grabs the growing boy and hoists him on to her hip so she can hold on to him and move a bit easier through the room. His tiny arms wrap around her neck and she puts her hand to the back of his head - supporting his neck like she would when he was a baby.  Except that is years ago, and Jonba is slowly growing up into a young boy, and when she looks into his face she sees the same brown eyes as his father but none of the hatred and anger there.

That makes her arms tighten around him some more, as if the tighter she holds on to him the less effect his father can have on him.  As they move through the living room and she sprinkles tinsel on the top of his head she pushes thoughts of the past away from her, taking comfort in the heat of the room and the love in the house.

No more will sin and sorrow grow,
Nor thorns infest the ground;
He'll come and make the blessings flow
Far as the curse was found,
Far as the curse was found,
Far as, far as the curse was found.

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        I would like to go one day without being asked for a little blue pill. Speaking of which, I can no longer listen to "Viva Las Vegas" without thinking of those stupid Viagra commercials. Thank you rampart consumerism and ED for ruining another great song.

Jonba keeps walking around with one of those small little pumpkins that you can buy in grocery stores. We picked it up this afternoon while we went shopping and now he won't put it down, at ALL. He ate dinner with it, and he took a BATH with it, and now he's sitting in bed with it, he has attachment issues. I really wonder where he got those from.

I got chocolate rice milk. This makes me happy, along with yogurt and fruit - everything else seems to make me blahhhhhhhhh.

Mid-terms are scary.

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[ooc: Hiro used with permission, not proof read because I gotta work :( ]


    It's still warm down in Nassau, even at night, and so the windows are open - currents fluttering in the soft breeze carying the sound of waves crashing on the beach.  All familiar, comforting noises to Salome, though she's use to sleeping in the boat instead of the house, she doesn't like sleeping in the house much for the same reason she doesn't like sleeping in the house in New York - the memories.  She's curled up around Hiro, her head on his chest, one arm and leg draped over him and the sheets tangled around both of them.  When she's with him she always sleeps better, and she is not sure why.  Maybe it's the beating of his heart or just his arms around her that comfort her and more often then not, keep the dreams away.

The house )
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            She left second year of college, for no apparent reason except to go. One day her things were in her room, sheets comforter, clothes hanging up in the closet, and then one day they disappeared. Her room mates questioned each other and the RA about the disappearance but no one seemed to have any clue as to why she just up and left. She seemed happy, she was doing decently in her classes, and was looking forward to summer break, talking wildly about spending all summer by herself on her boat down south. Of course no one really believe her, about the boat thing, the disbelief was founded in jealousy and facts based in that are always easy to dismiss.

That had been ten years ago, and any room mates or friends she had made in school had long forgotten her name and appearance. It's something people do when they are smacked in the face with real life, forced to divert their thoughts to other things like bills and house payments. She wasn't looking to be remembered anyway, she simply wanted out. As if the whole thing had been one long roller coaster ride and she had more then enough. Yes, thank you, stop the train please. So she ran away.
Ten years gone )

[ooc:  So, ever smoke a lot of crack?  Yeah, well I've been hittin' the pipe pretty hard lately and I got this crazy idea of "what would it be if she just left!" and so I made her leave and age to 30 years.  I know, I'm cruel.  This has no baring on any 'verses, and if your character wants to go out to Gavdos, drop me a line.  I think it would be pretty cool, but then again I've got that whole "crack habit" thing going on.  Yeah so I don't know if this is going to be a one shot or something I do when I am high.]

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I spent all morning going between the police station, doctors, and then the house in Manhattan, oh and then the pharmacists.  I am slowly tying up all the lose ends that were left when my dad disappeared, he left a huge mess that I wasn't even aware of and so now I have to sit down with the lawyers and some how figure it out.  I think I'll ask them when he can be declared legally dead.  Not that I want him to be dead, but how long am I suppose to wait to see if he ever comes back?  Plus there are a lot of things I can't do with him still alive.

Gosh that sounds really horrible.  Fuck it, I am tired.  Whoops, my language.  Arg.

I'm selling the house, I am selling everything, it's all gone.  The only thing that might not go is the house down in Nassau, everything else is gone, burn it all down for all I care.  The money will go for my college fund and Jonba's, not to mention any other children I might have in the future.  I was also thinking of putting money into a special fund.

locked )

School has proposed a new routine, and with me in school, Grandma has started to take Jonba to this little daycare in town.  He's playing with kids his age and a little older, so he can get use to social interaction with other kids.  Preschool is just next fall, and then, kindergarten.  So Jonba comes home with a whole bunch of new words and sometimes unsavory behavior, he's still a good kid, just with more germs.  He's got a bit of a cold.

Life is insane.  I want Oreos.  Awhhh the little sun has a watermelon!

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Little boy hunting is invigorating in the morning.  He will RUE this day RUE it I say! 

          Get the hounds!
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    Hello, I'm Jonba and this is all about me and my favorite things!

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            It was night, the windows of the house open to let in a cool breeze that made everyone sleepy after the heat and the activity of the day.  Up on the second floor Salome carefully dried off a yawning Jonba, who had just got done with a much needed bath.  Dressing him in his pajamas, she takes picks him up and carries him to his bedroom.  He's sleeping in a big boy bed, there's no crib for him at his grandparents house, but he handles it well, besides some roaming in the middle of the night.  She lays him down and kisses his forehead before giving him his Elmo doll, which he proceeds to hug tightly to his chest.  

    "How much do you love me?"  She asks, kneeling beside his bed, her arms folded across the blanket.  "This much?"  She holds her hands apart about three inches, and the boy shakes his head no.  "More?"  She holds her hands further apart, and the more they spread the more he shakes his head, up to the point where her arms stretch as far as they can go.

    "Do you love me this much?"  Finally Jonba nods and smiles, and wrapping those arms around him she gives him a big hug.  "I love you, John Baptiste, I always will."  Her lips press to his wet hair, it smells like baby shampoo, but she knows in the morning he'll mysteriously smell like pancakes again.  

[Part two tomorrow night. . .]


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