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       They dance in the living room.  He stands on her toes and she moves around holding his arms out to their sides.  Swaying back and forth she sings loudly to the Christmas music already coming through the radio speakers.  After Thanksgiving dinner, Grandpa is sprawled out on the couch while Grandma cleans up in the kitchen.  It is Salome and Jonba spending time together after finishing up trimming the fresh cut Christmas tree. 

Salome is out of school for Christmas break and has three weeks to just relax and spend time with her family and Hiro.  After the last semester, it ia a much needed break.  In fact there is a serious temptation to just forget school and run off to join the circus. 

Jonba cries out and she grabs the growing boy and hoists him on to her hip so she can hold on to him and move a bit easier through the room. His tiny arms wrap around her neck and she puts her hand to the back of his head - supporting his neck like she would when he was a baby.  Except that is years ago, and Jonba is slowly growing up into a young boy, and when she looks into his face she sees the same brown eyes as his father but none of the hatred and anger there.

That makes her arms tighten around him some more, as if the tighter she holds on to him the less effect his father can have on him.  As they move through the living room and she sprinkles tinsel on the top of his head she pushes thoughts of the past away from her, taking comfort in the heat of the room and the love in the house.

No more will sin and sorrow grow,
Nor thorns infest the ground;
He'll come and make the blessings flow
Far as the curse was found,
Far as the curse was found,
Far as, far as the curse was found.

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       First, Happy birthday Aryn!  I hope you have a wonderful birthday.  Much love and I would give you kisses but there's a chance that you might catch cooties.

Second.  I get to see my mom!  They had a new doctor look at her and she's slowly either being taken off her meds or getting them changed.  I just want her to recognize me.

Other then that, life's been pretty . . .Okay I guess.  I'm hoping for a nice weekend.

P to the S.  Anyone else kind of want David Caruso to DIAF? 

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       I received a hospitality survey from Saint Luke's from my brief trip there last month, it asks if I was treated well, how people responded to me, etc.

At the bottom of it I wrote:  "Next time my friends and loved ones come to the big city and are systematically beaten and humiliated I shall suggest Saint Luke's highly.

P.S.  I am holding one of your nurses hostage until you get rid of my hospital bill.  I'll be in touch."

AMUSED?  PERHAPS!  A little unwell?  more likely.

Speaking of unwell I have to take care of some business today.
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  Salome's school is pretty much like every other school in the country, it has classes, groups of kids that hang out together, lunch and various school functions that everyone goes to in order to fit in.  The name of the game is blending in when it comes to high school.  Something she's learned the hard way and is never easy for her, because if she isn't getting in trouble, she's standing out because someone thinks they can inspire something inside her.  Must be the eyes.

By week two all the teachers know her name, except for the biology teacher who can not, for the life of him say it correctly.  She's tried over, and over, Sa-low-may.  It doesn't stick, so finally, friday afternoon she tells him:  "Just call me Sal."  Which seems to work for anyone who talks to her, or asks her a question.  Truth be told it's odd for anyone to call her by her first name anyway.  Life is tedious, homework dull, she falls asleep in math class pretending to focus on a problem.  It's not that math class is dull it's just that there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day, and who needs math anyway?


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