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Awwh, wut?!  Why am I doing up THIS early, oh yeah . . . 

    Two things.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love the boys?  "The boys" being the vague name I have JUST given to my guy friends, most notably:  Chuck, Major and Terry.  I would include Hiro in this, but he's not my friend.   Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts, really it means a whole lot and I am sure you three probably don't even realize it.   My dad isn't very big on the whole birthday thing so this is kind of my first real birthday that doesn't involve sitting around a smoky table listening to old Irish men bitch  . . . about everything.   Seriously, they are like a group of old hens.

I digress.

I didn't expect anything, didn't even really want anything, just a smile or something would be more then enough for me.  So I am kinda flabbergasted, stunned, pleasantly surprised, and a few times, speechless.   Ohhh not to mention the loud squeeing, because there was that to.  [Note to Farah:  Please disregard previously mentioned squee.  I don't really squee.]

So, to recap:  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Major, I knew deep down you were cuddly kitten, I'm gonna give you a great big hug when I see you next!  XD  Everyone else gets a hug too, but it's not as funny because most people don't see hugs as a threat. 

Also, happy brithday, birthday buddy Lauren!  Have a wonderful, happy birthday!  Have some cake and go wild!  But not too wild because I think they can still arrest you, even if you are a cop.

    That being said, I am going back to bed.  Freak this, it's too early and I have a very long day in front of me.  It's gonna be fun, but as far as I am concerned, I am staying under the covers until I am dragged out. 

That is not a challenge.


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