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           Salome tries to behave, she really does.  It’s as if she’s sworn off all vices in order to make up for that one sin that she can’t really seem to get rid of.  She doesn’t swear, doesn’t smoke, she doesn’t go out and destroy property or steal cars.  There is the occasional day off of school, when it just seems too impossible to go and not hate herself.  There are a lot of kids, high school kids, kids her age, that are horrible little shits compared to her, and she knows it.  She uses it to her advantage, because over the years she’s learned very quickly that you can catch more flies with honey then with vinegar.  No matter how bad ass you think you are.

So when she indulges in her few vices, she thinks that it’s justifiable.  She could be doing some pretty horrible things, horrible things people might not even blame her for once they knew what was going on at home.

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Author's note:  This is to be posted in [profile] on_thecouch, when I finally get Sal's invite to the community.  Heh.

    The building was old, and even in the California sun it stood rather dark and deserted.  She picked the building because it looked lonely, and she picked the shrink in the building because he looked like he needed something to do.

The name on the frosted window of the door door read in lettering that had seen better times:  Ric Bowser, Family therapy.  The hours of operation under it were in the same faded paint, except it looked like someone at one time tried to change it, but gave up.  So the only indication that someone was in was a sign on the door knob that said:  "The doctor is IN" and the other, "The doctor is OUT."  At the time of her arrival, the sign read "IN."


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