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Salome has a new verse, because I'm a crack head.  In Las Vegas she's fucking around with a CSI character [livejournal.com profile] n_stokes_csi .  Everything is business as normal.  SWS posts set in Vegas will be marked in the location just like New York and LA. 

By the end of  '09 I want a salome in every state of the union.  huzzah. 

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       Getting facebook notices from college clubs is depressing after you've graduated.  Just sayin'.

Greetings from the land of nod, I hope everyone had a fan-freaking-tastic Thanksgiving, and to all of you in Canada:  Better luck next year.

I would like to apologize for disappearing for a good chunk of September, October, and November.  It's been a rough couple of months for me, but thankfully I have had my head split open and they have taken out all the bad parts.  My labotomy, lobotomy was a complete and total success!  Hopefully I'll be around a bit more again (I can hear you gritting your teeth from HERE!)

Like before, Salome has two verses:

LA - Drinking, drugs, and art school
New York - Being a good mom and girlfriend, all while finishing high school.

If you would like to change something in one of these verses, or join one, or do the fox trot on a moon lit stage - just drop me a line or PM me.  I will do my best to get caught up, but I have come to find that the internet is a harsh, unforgiving mistress, and silence is one of the worst sins one can commit in these here parts. 

For that, I am willing to take my punishment and plead my case before the court. 

I leave you with this:  I'm bringin' bear suit back, Yeah!


Aug. 18th, 2008 11:05 pm
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I figure everyone else is suffering the same way, but I'm not getting notices, soooo I gotta find all the threads I am on and just reload them. >_<

*kicks* stoopid LJ.

Oh geeez, Pacino and De Niro together in a movie? why don't you just actually hand out money to get people into the theater? Maybe, MAYBE that would get me all excited like 25 years ago, but Lord . . . They just give the same performances every time.

Dog Day Afternoon? Classic
Devils Advocate? STOP emphasizing EVERY OTHER word you schmuck.

De Niro?  Yeah, I saw you in Angel Heart, you bastard I STILL haven't forgiven you for that.

I dislike modern cinema. . . .  *Twitch*

Okay, sorry . . .  Anyway, back to the fact that LJ sucks.
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    I got a party hat, from Hiro!  Thank you very much, Hiro-kun :3  It's one snazzy party hat, which reminded me to get more party hats!  That's right, it's going to be my birthday soon!  It's going to be weird this year, since I am going to actually have a birthday party.  Usually I don't, because it's not something we celebrate around here, but I guess eighteen is a big deal.  Still, I am like, all kinds of nervous about it because lots of people!  In fact it will be the first time that house has been filled with normal people, which is scary. 

Anyway, I am going to have a party!  Food, music, various forms of beverage and no clowns.  Anyone who wants to come is more then welcome, it's August 8th from 8pm to whenever.  Or maybe I should go with the whole eight theme.  8/8/08 from 8pm to 8am.  Weird.

It will be at the house in Manhattan, so I can give out the address as needed.


For your listening enjoyment!

Won't you tell me what you're thinking of?
Would you be an outlaw for my love?
If it's so then let me know
If it's no then I can go
And I won't make you
Ooh ooh ooh

ooc:  First, thank you very much Hiro-mun for the party hat, we were thrilled to death when we saw it.  Hah the royal we.  Anywho, the party post will be up on Friday and any muse is welcome to show, though it will pretty much set in the New York verse and actions within the party will be applied to that verse . . . If that makes.  Bendy time applies of course, and all the other great things that we can do on the internet but not in real life.  Any questions please let me know.  :o
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    I've been thinking about this for a very long while, but I didn't know when I was actually going to set down the law since life has been freaking insane with not only me but others too. 

I am going to split Salome into two different verses, New York and Los Angeles.  New York will consist with Sal living with her grandparents, living the normal, teenage life and helping to raise Jonba.

With LA Sal can move back to be with Mortie and be more of an adult then her counter part in New York. 

The posts for [profile] on_thecouch will be especially for LA, and any posts in SWS will be marked.  If anyone has an issue with this, please feel free to leave a comment here or private message me through LJ.
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    I (and the muse, I am speaking for both of us tonight . . . waitttt . . .  ) Would like to thank everyone who voted for her in the Tammy's.  She actually won most beautiful soul, which . . . was kind of surprising (at least to me, I know all her dirty little secrets).  Either way, she's thrilled, and is all puffed up over her award, and that's good because she was getting all mopey. 

Anymonkey, I just want to thank everyone for voting and indulging with me and my muse.  We are lucky to be surrounded by great muses and players to boot, for realz, you guys totally rock. 

I would start naming names, but then I would have flash backs to the red scare, and let me tell you -- they can get pretty ugly and I am fighting a huge headache. 

Those will go out with the Christmas cards.

Just know that everyone that I interact with, or Sal interacts with, you guys are truly amazing.  Thank you so much for playing along and being such good sports.  I love you all, lots <3 <3
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Know what is REALLY, REALLY sexy?  Being a fucking psycho.  There ya go, ladies, a free tip from me to you.    

P to the S.  Is it really that hard to be happy?  I mean, c'mon now.


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