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    The Collins house is a two story townhouse in mid-Manhattan.  It's location was chosen because it was closer to the office.  Liam Collins hated cars, and the less time he spent in them, the better he felt.  One of his constant worries was getting blown up in a car, or hit by one.  His paranoia was not unfounded.  It was a well furnished house, with thick carpets that covered hard wood floors, and padded the feet of over stuffed chairs.  

Before moving in, Liam Collins had the house professionally decorated, and it shows.  There were very few personal effects around the public rooms, there was a very real feel of this being some sort of display house, that no one truly lived there.  The feeling was not unfounded.

The feeling however was trying to be exorcised by the movement of strangers, of people setting up food, the bar and making sure things were generally in order.  Lights were added, music played, and slowly but surely the grim, empty feeling was driven from the house through open doors.  

Salome watches the movement from the top of the stairs with a rather detached interest, as if she was watching an ant farm behind glass, and not human movement.  She's not sure why she feels this way, except that it is not making her very happy.  Maybe it's nervousness, or paranoia, or a little bit of everything all rolled up into one ball that has settled very happily in her stomach.  

Either way, she forces herself from the top of the stairs and to the bathroom so she can fish getting ready.  

As her attention is turned away from the activity more people filter into the house, bringing balloons and various decorations to make it actually look like there is someone having a birthday.  It looks almost childish, but she didn't choose any of it, and she happens to like the balloons so she doesn't mind.  Ian, her father's right hand man, has arranged all of it, fussing over her as if she was his own child.  He has taken it upon himself to make sure she is well taken care of while her father is away.  

When she finishes dressing, he smiles at her and compliments her on her outfit, she thanks him and accepts a kiss on the cheek begrudgingly.  She's not sure if he sees the gold hoop that goes through her belly button, if he does, he doesn't say anything.  If he does, then she's sure she'll hear about it later.  

He tells her that she's grown into a very lovely woman and wishes her for the tenth time a happy birthday.  All of a sudden she wants to hit him, to shove him away, but she doesn't, she smiles and waits for him to leave.  When he does, she can breathe again.  

Feeling lighter then before, she grins to herself and walks down the stairs to find something to drink.  After drink number one, things begin to look a lot better.  So this is what it feels like to be an adult.

ooc:  I think this is the part of the play where I say something really general like: 'play nice' and 'bendy time applies.'  But I think you all are intelligent roleplayers and know the drill, so stating that would just be over kill . . . oh wait.  Feel free to bring in whoever you would like, the more the merrier!


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