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    My friend Mark enjoys taking pictures and is studying photography this semester.  He decided to take a series of me for his final project.  I managed to snag one, the best one in my opinion though he is amazing with a camera, I have camera envy.  Can I just mention right now that I already have a fucking father and I don't need another god damned one? 

Yeah, so you think I drink too much or I'm too skinny?  Fuck off.  Anyway, pic below the cut.

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        There is something highly ironic about the bunch of under aged girls getting dressing up and going out for 80's night. Of course the whole thing is lost on the girls as they do shots of raspberry Smirnoff in their dorm room while getting ready to go out. Music turned up loud, the girls dance up against each other, shaking their hips and tossing their hair in time to the music. Only pausing once and awhile when one of the more sober ones remind the others that someone was going to catch them if they were too loud. Which only set the girls to giggling, and a round of over exaggerated 'Shhhhhhhhh's' which were lost under the music anyway.
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       I received a hospitality survey from Saint Luke's from my brief trip there last month, it asks if I was treated well, how people responded to me, etc.

At the bottom of it I wrote:  "Next time my friends and loved ones come to the big city and are systematically beaten and humiliated I shall suggest Saint Luke's highly.

P.S.  I am holding one of your nurses hostage until you get rid of my hospital bill.  I'll be in touch."

AMUSED?  PERHAPS!  A little unwell?  more likely.

Speaking of unwell I have to take care of some business today.


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