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    Hirooooooooooooooooooo!  It's a full moon out tonight!  Will you show me the rabbit on the moon?!
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       tu mia luna tu sei qui con me
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[ooc: Hiro used with permission, not proof read because I gotta work :( ]


    It's still warm down in Nassau, even at night, and so the windows are open - currents fluttering in the soft breeze carying the sound of waves crashing on the beach.  All familiar, comforting noises to Salome, though she's use to sleeping in the boat instead of the house, she doesn't like sleeping in the house much for the same reason she doesn't like sleeping in the house in New York - the memories.  She's curled up around Hiro, her head on his chest, one arm and leg draped over him and the sheets tangled around both of them.  When she's with him she always sleeps better, and she is not sure why.  Maybe it's the beating of his heart or just his arms around her that comfort her and more often then not, keep the dreams away.

The house )
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Hiro, may we go up to your house in Kaneyama this weekend?  Just the two of us?
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        It's one of those perfect summer days, one that isn't too hot, too humid. Right after a hard, cold rain, that cools everything down and leaves just enough moisture in the reserves for when the sun shines high over head. Salome's Grandparent's house sits on three acres of land, enough for a great back and front yard, but not enough to be considered country. Far back away from the road, it rests on top of a slight incline, that is just right for sledding when the snow falls in the winter. Two stories tall, it's painted white with blue shutters, that get repainted every two years, a task that her grandfather complains about, but always does proudly. There is a front porch and a back porch, maybe some years ago they were connected, but it seems someone had gotten rid of it years before.

On the back porch there is a swing, it's chain rusted and when it rocks back and forth it squeaks. Not an annoying squeak, but steady and simple, it's sound changing with the back and forth movements. It's one of the things on grandpa's to do list, but never seems to get done. There are four old apple trees a few feet away from the back porch, in the spring their leaves turn dark and about mid-summer the married couple talk at great length over what is the perfect time to pick the fruit. In the end, their largest issue is what to do with the apples they don't eat, turn into preserves, or bake into pies. The setting is idyllic, and for the most part, so is life in the Snyder house.

But like most things the exterior does not match the interior.  The Snyder's have an almost rabid hatred for anything to do with Liam Collins, and who can blame them?  The man took away their daughter, and through lengthy court custody battles, have left them with very little money to survive.  Despite the fact that they can't get a third year law student to look at their case, they still hold out hope that they will one day have their daughter back.  It's painfully obvious, and a weakness that is easily exploited.

       This morning, Salome and Jonba sit on the back porch with finger paints and large sheets of paper.  An old book with pictures of paintings sits propped up on the railing.  Salome is trying to convince the boy to make a painting like the vase of flowers in the book.  The boy needless to say is having none of it.  He is much happier smacking his multi-colored hands down on the paper, or just rubbing his chubby fingers around in circles in globs of paint.  Painting is just not a talent that the Collins possess, clearly.  It doesn't seem to matter, the boy is laughing and having a great time of it.
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        “Cliff diving, in Acapulco?”  Hiro gives her a look as if she’s lost her mind, it’s not an uncommon look, but she still gets frustrated when she gets it. 

        “It’s not like I am asking you to walk across hot coals, plus we’re with a group!”  Oh yes, the local who looked like a bum but was highly recommended by one of the hotels in town.  That really doesn't make him feel better about the situation, especially not after the waivers they have to fill out.

        “Hey, I ate the intestines when we were in China,” she reminds him, leaning over to take a peek off the side of the cliff at the crashing waters below them.  Grabbing her, he tugs the blond back to stand beside him, on solid ground.

       “Yes, but pig intestine will not kill you!  This could kill you!”  He was pained to even have to explain this to her.  “I do not understand why you are surprised at my response.”

Turning to him, she puts her hand on her hip and gives him a very serious look.  “I’m not going to die, I’m going to live to be a thousand years old,” for some reason the number keeps going up when she speaks to him.  “And you are too, which is why it’s perfectly safe to jump.  Nothing can go wrong.”

 “That’s not even logical; do you know how crazy you sound sometimes?”  But she is grinning, and despite the death jump in front of him, he manages a slight smile as well.

The trainer explains how to correctly jump, and that there would be a boat that would collect you after you surfaced.  After joking that he had never lost a person . . . yet, he asks the group to form a queue.  When there was only one other person in front of her, Salome begins to get a little nervous. 

Turning to Hiro, she sighs and takes him by his shoulders.  For a long time she doesn't say anything, just looks deep into his eyes as if she is searching for something.  Grinning she leans up and kisses him quickly, “I’ll see you at the bottom, okay?”

Before he can say a word, or pull her back, she steps away and disappears off the edge of the cliff.  The instructor motions for Hiro to come forward, as he moves he seriously wonders what possessed him to go along with this idea.  There was no turning back now, and at the signal, he jumps.

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    It was a nice, warm summer night, the sun had gone down and it had cooled down to the point where you could sit outside and not sweat.  The drive in, was two screens, a parking lot, and hills that surrounded the parking lot and gave a perfect view of the cars and the screen.  Salome had walked from her house, and bought two tickets before climbing up on one of the hills and spread the blanket her grandmother had given her.

A grandmother, yeah that was still weird.

Sitting down on the blanket, she put the basket down next to her and took out a bottle of water.  Once she took a long drink, she text messaged Hiro to know that she was there.  Hopefully he would be able to spot her.
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    Leaving the house never looked so appealing before.  Salome was tired and aching, and everyone was on edge from what happened the night before.  Not to mention the constant stream of phone calls and attempts at the press to get an interview or a photo.  She couldn't leave the state, especially with Jonba so going upstate with Bobby was a good, safe idea.

Picking up the blond boy from the floor, she grunted a little bit at his weight against her side and arms.  He grumbled a little bit, but she gave him a look before handing him his Elmo doll and took him back upstairs to her bed room.  Stepping inside she smiled at Hiro as the boy hid his face against her neck.

    "Don't be shy, it's Hiro, he's going to take us on a trip."


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