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"It's either you or a foster home, Child Welfare will have to come and pick her up or you can drop her off at the downtown office."  Out of the deck sized pack of cards she peels off one and hands it off to the man protesting the saddling of some dirty faced street urchin that was suddenly his.

"You don't seem to understand, this isn't my child, what kind of untrained, shit for brains government employee leaves a child with a strange man?  I'm not taking her anywhere, you're taking her now."

He is scary.

Standing a million feet tall, bare feet, black denim and messy hands with a cigarette smoldering somewhere up in the atmosphere around his head; she is too scared to look that far up.  It looks like blood.  

He is going to eat her, and Bear!

No, she won't let him eat Bear.

You ARE the father. Fuck you, Maury )
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She was five years old when she took her first lovely. They were stopped in a truck stop right off of route nine and her mama was scrounging around trying to figure out lunch when Sally spotted it. A pair of Mickey and Minnie hair clips. Plastic faces smiling at her like they hadn't a care in the world. Theirs were a constant smile, no matter where she went in the store, when she glanced back they were still smiling, waiting for her.

They had a look in their little plastic eyes that spoke to her of how happy and pretty she could be if only she possessed them.

Oh she wanted those little plastic gems. Those beautiful and alluring faces that hung amongst all the other junk on the rack.

At that age she wasn't fully aware of the fact that a person needed money in order to buy things, she was aware that she needed to give them to mama in order to have mama give them back to her. She was also aware that mama didn't like it when she handed her things when they were in a store. Something about it all being garbage and they were broke.

Sally had no idea what is broken but they were it lot and that usually meant that they had to have chips for dinner and that mom went out with boys later that night.

Frustration and want gnawed on her little brain, such indecision. It's not that she had ever been told right from wrong, not that she had those concepts down yet, but something just felt mildly off about her taking that dangling treasure.

But she wanted. Wanted so very badly.

And that want wont out over anything else that might have been whispering in her ear or chewing on her brain and she slipped the little clips into the pockets of her shorts before creeping out of the store, clinging to Bear for dear life.

It was dark and quiet when she was alone in her mama's trailer and could finally have some alone time in the bathroom to savor and appreciate her treasure. Climbing up on the little counter she used the yellow gold light from the parking lot lamps to see what she was doing in the mirror.

Scooping some slowly blonding hair back she snapped in one of the hair clips. First one side and then the other. Studying herself in the mirror she tilted one way then the other to get both profiles.

The loveys were dark in the dim light of the trailer, she could still see their plastic forever smiles, but they look a bit more sinister for some reason.

They were hers though now, forever and ever, and no one could take them, she was sure of that. No matter what they would be with her and she would keep them safe, like Bear, she kept Bear safe and he kept her safe in return.

Another study of profile and she finally smiled a little.

Un-clipping them she put them back on their flimsy plastic board and went back to her tucked away bed, behind the flimsy accordion style trailer door, happy.
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Is he sleeping?

He sleeps a lot, even during the day! 

Doesn't he know only babies nap?  Guess not.

Wee Salome learned at a tender age not to make too much noise, well, ever.  Not that she was ever a very loud child but it was easily apparent even to her that loud noises weren't something enjoyable around the house.  Outside was fine, but inside she had to be quiet. 

It's really, really, really, hard to be quiet.  Really, really, really, really, really hard.  Especially when there is nothing to do.

Bear ear between her teeth she does a slow crawl up to the couch and slowly, or as slowly as she can manage, inch up to peer over the edge of the cushion at her dad.  It's all in the eyes, if he opens his eyes then he is not asleep and she can climb up with him and try and get him to do something.  Or at least put a different video in.

She isn't allowed to play with the VCR.  Any more.

Taking the bear from her teeth she lifts it as well and lets it's floppy little legs dangle over his arm and up to his chest till Richard Vasko is nose to muzzle with stuffed bear face. 



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