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    I (and the muse, I am speaking for both of us tonight . . . waitttt . . .  ) Would like to thank everyone who voted for her in the Tammy's.  She actually won most beautiful soul, which . . . was kind of surprising (at least to me, I know all her dirty little secrets).  Either way, she's thrilled, and is all puffed up over her award, and that's good because she was getting all mopey. 

Anymonkey, I just want to thank everyone for voting and indulging with me and my muse.  We are lucky to be surrounded by great muses and players to boot, for realz, you guys totally rock. 

I would start naming names, but then I would have flash backs to the red scare, and let me tell you -- they can get pretty ugly and I am fighting a huge headache. 

Those will go out with the Christmas cards.

Just know that everyone that I interact with, or Sal interacts with, you guys are truly amazing.  Thank you so much for playing along and being such good sports.  I love you all, lots <3 <3


Jun. 8th, 2008 12:06 pm
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    I just wanted to say thank youuuuuu to whoever nominated me for these Tammy awards!  How freaking awesome possum is THAT?  I've never been nominated for ANYTHING so this is like, totally shocking.  I saw a lot of people I know either nominated or given honorable mention and I think it is just totally spiffy that so many people can be included in on this! 

    I think everyone should just win, I mean we can all have a BIG collective hug and some cake and then part in our dress up clothes!  OMG will there be a party?  I so totally love parties, because everyone is so beautiful at parties!  The dresses, the suits, oh it's all so fabulous!  I need a dress, man, I'll have to find something to wear.  OH Mortie will you come to the party with me, Please?  It will be fun!

CAKE!  Mmmm I want cake!  So, besides the cake and the dress, I think you should totally go and vote!  Because democracy is how this country is run, RITE?!  So, go HERE and vote for who you want to win!  You can only vote for one person in each category which totally SUCKS because I think everyone should win!

But I totally won't hate you if you vote for me, In fact, I'll give you a hug!  Heck I'll give hugs to people who don't vote for me, because hugs are the best thing EVAR.

So, In conclusion, Thank you for the nomination it means sooo much!  So now, go out, have fun and I hope you all have a beautiful, wonderful day!  


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